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Cradle medium

I’ve dabbled in many genres: erotica, drama, science fiction, fantasy, and my one-true passion – horror. I find I enjoy the writing process most when I blur the lines of genre, mix them up, and give a new bloody heart to them. Over the years it took to write The Angels of Autumn, I found a kind of giddy elation in twisting elements, weaving a story of murder, revenge, small town bigotries, and horror with a budding gay romance. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but Sirens Call Publications saw the potential and published it. I remain very grateful. The slow yet steady responses from readers have been very encouraging. People definitely seem to be getting it and understanding my perspective as a writer.

I love to write hardcore horror stories inspired by the foreign genre movies of the late seventies and eighties, but with contemporary themes. My protagonists tend to be LGBT. I’ve gotten great feedback for a transgendered character I created that wasn’t hindered by any stereotypical trope. She was emotionally complicated, brimming with confidence one moment and then uncomfortable the next, independent and commanding but tempted endlessly by the false boost of alcohol. She was profoundly feminine, yet sexually forceful. She was a vivid and complex character.

I wanted Radley in Cradle to be similarly drawn, not a stereotype, but a broken soul plunged into the depths of darkness by the loss of his partner. There is beauty in melancholy, and an intimate intricacy in the horror of it. I expose Radley in all his flawed glory and detail his misery with unflinching honesty. His story is not just about his emotional turmoil, but also about the gruesome fiend that haunts his house, one spoken of in whispers around town. And then there is Scotty, another broken soul but one twisted by abuse and neglect. He’s fascinated by the legendary ghoul in Radley’s house, a fascination that haunts him as much as the phantom haunts Radley. The two worlds will converge in shocking ways.

I strive to be different, and Cradle is definitely an unusual creation I’m very proud of. It doesn’t play by any rules and is unapologetic in its depictions of horror, sadness, and familial disregard. I pull no punches. I hope people will love the tragic beauty of it and appreciate the disturbing nature of it. I can’t wait to hear what readers think.


The Angels of Autumn and Cradle are both available on Amazon!



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